Clew Bay 3d map small


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The unique and majestic Clew Bay is represented in this map, including a scattering of the rumoured 365 islands in the bay, and Clare Island, the stronghold of Gráinne Mhaol, or Grace O'Malley, the pirate queen.  From Westport to Achill Island, Clew bay is truely a magical place. 


Areas Covered

 -  Clew Bay

 -  Clare Island

 -  Lower Achill Island

 -  Croagh Patrick


Towns shown

 - Mullaranny

 -  Westport

 -  Murrisk

 -  Leckanvy

 -  Louisburgh


Roads shown in full detail


Clew Bay 3d map small

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  • Accurate

    We trawl through international and local survey data, satellite information and old maps to design our art maps.



    We use cutting edge laser technology to ensure all of the finest details are shown



    Traditional hand finishing techniques ensure your artwork is made to last to the highest standard


    Designed and made in Sligo, Ireland


    Includes custom details

    Engrave a message on the back, add a name or date around the compass, pick out favourite places with an icon, add a custom title, etc.