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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I hang my artwork?
    All small size (30x 38) artworks come with the hanging kit included. You simply screw the hooks into the predrilled holes and tie the included cord. The medium (42 x 52) and large (62 x 79) size artworks come ready to hang with a cord already fixed. These vary in weight between 5kg-12kg and you will need to ensure the wall fixing is suitable to carry this weight. The XL size artworks can weigh up to 20kg, and come with a French Cleat mounting system, which needs to be anchored securely to the wall or studs. (Instructions are included). We recommend using a professional to ensure it is mounted safely and securely.
  • How do I clean my artwork?
    A soft brush attachment to a vacuum cleaner is usually sufficient to remove dust. A lightly moistened cloth can be used to remove fly dirt etc. Do not rub too hard, and avoid rubbing the mount board on the small maps.
  • How can I personalise my artwork?
    Any personalisation must be discussed with us prior to making your artwork. We are unable to customise the front of a map once it is put together. In some instances we may be able to engrave the back for you, but get in touch first to check.
  • Can I have mine with a paler blue colour?
    No. Our signature stain has taken a long time to develop, and is quite specific to ensure we get the right depth of colour and detail. Nude (unstained) versions of medium or larger maps can be requested when ordering.
  • Do they come in other colours apart from blue?
    No. Sorry! See "Can I have mine with a paler blue colour" for the answer.
  • What are the options for the frame?
    All our frames are made from FSC pine, and are availible in either black or white for the medium and larger sizes. Our small frames are black only at this stage.
  • Why do they not come with glass?
    We can add glass as a special option, but as standard we do not. The glass removes the sense of depth in the maps, and the reflections detract from the natural lustre of the bamboo.
  • Can you do a map of anywhere?
    Pretty much, yes! We can create custom maps of virtually anywhere in the world, and have done everywhere from isolated rivers in Zimbabwe, to downtown Sydney, Australia. Get in touch through our Custom page and let us design your unique commission.
  • Can I return my customised map if I am not happy with it?
    We do not accept returns on customised maps. They are custom made items and all sales are final. If we have made a mistake or the quality is not up to our high standard, we will happily replace it for you. Our medium and large commissions involve several drafts, so you will have the chance to approve each stage of the design process.
  • My map has arrived damaged, what are my options?"
    This is usually an issue for the courier company. Let us know, and we'll help to get it sorted out.
  • How long do I have to wait?
    We are just a small company, so our lead times to vary depending on how busy we are. All maps are custom made to order. Small maps will ship within 2 weeks, medium and large maps will ship between 3 and 6 weeks after your order. For commissions, please allow up to 8 weeks from when you confirm the initial area draft.
  • How long does shipping take?
    We use Fastway and GLS couriers for shipping in Ireland and Europe. Delivery times are usually 2-5 days, but do vary depending on how busy the couriers are.
  • Is my online payment safe?
    Yes, we use Stripe or Paypal to process our payments, and no card data is stored.
  • Who are you, and where are you based?"
    Aran and Maeve are the team behind Outcrop. We are based in Rathcormack on the stunning west coast of Ireland. Our workshop and studio is a short walk from where we live and play.
  • How do I get a custom map made?
    The first step is to get in touch through our contact form, and have a look through our Custom Design pages for a summary of the process.
  • How long does a commission take?
    It does vary depending on the size and complexity of your commission. We like to allow up to 4 weeks for a small, 6 weeks for a medium, and 8 weeks for a large.
  • Will I get to see a draft?
    Yes, you will get 2 drafts. The first one is to fix the area the map will cover, and the second is the final design draft with all your custom details.
  • Can I return a commission if I dont like it?
    No, all commission sales are final. We provide several drafts during the design process, so you have lots of time to check and make sure you are happy with the way it is progressing.
  • Can I come and talk to you about a commission?
    Yes! We'd love to see you at our workshop in Rathcormack Art and Design Village, Branleys Yard, Rathcormack, Sligo. See our contact details for hours.
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