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Bespoke 3d Map - Large HD

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    We will confirm the area before we start work on the design. Once the design is complete we will also send you a final draft before we make it. 


    Large HD size 

    Layers: 15-18 layers

    Outside Dimensions: 630mm high, 790mm wide, 70mm deep

    Weight: approx. 12kg


    The detail in the large HD size is really incredible. These are large artworks and form fantastic focal points to a room, the depth of the layers never fails to draw people into them! These are usually very personal pieces, and we work closely with you to personalise it. You can have quite a lot of places picked out, named, and icons added. We can fit a few words around the compass as well, and as with all our maps you can add a personal message to the back. 

    Bespoke 3d Map - Large HD

    Pick your frame colour
    Out of Stock
      • Layers of FSC bamboo plywood
      • Super E0 glue
      • Waterbased stain
      • FSC solid wood frame

    on all orders anywhere in Ireland, UK and Europe

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