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Streedagh 3d Map small

    An tSrithideach

    Small Size 3d Art Map


    This maps covers from the popular Mullaghmore Head, down isolated Cliffoney Beach to the beautiful 3km stretch of sand at Streedagh. The unseen yet dangerous Treward Shoals make Cliffoney Beach too dangerous for swimming, but all three beachs are popular surf spots, including the world famous big wave off the north western side of Mullaghmore Head.

    We have also marked the location of the 3 wrecks from the Spanish Armada located just off Streedagh Beach, La Juliana, Santa Maria de Vison de y Biscione and La Lavia.


    Areas Covered:

    - Mullaghmore Head

    - Cliffony

    - Treward Shoals

    - Streedagh

    - Grange


      -  Roads and tracks shown in full detail


    Streedagh 3d Map small

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    • Accurate

      We trawl through international and local survey data, satellite information and old maps to design our art maps.



      We use cutting edge laser technology to ensure all of the finest details are shown



      Traditional hand finishing techniques ensure your artwork is made to last to the highest standard


      Designed and made in Sligo, Ireland


      Includes a personal message engraved on the back

    on all orders anywhere in Ireland, UK and Europe

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